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KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Capital Group
District Court for Wrocław - Fabryczna
IX Economic Department of National Court Register KRS 000003579
Share capital : 10.733.007,90 zł
REGON : 390024060

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siedziba firmy

Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo - Produkcyjne "Mercus" sp. z o.o. was established on October 1, 1991 as a joint-venture company of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. in Lubin and FLT -Metall HmbH in Dűsseldorf.

Changeable economic conditions and the development needs of the company in the subsequent years led to changes in its ownership structure. At present, the company is a part of Grupa Kapitałowa KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., and is owned by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Once formed, PHP "Mercus" sp. z o.o. took over the personnel and technical facilities of Zakład Handlowo - Produkcyjny "Zakmat" in Polkowice, i.e. a unit previously forming a part of KGHM, as a state-owned company specialized in supplying the copper industry with material and other goods necessary for production and maintenance. Right from the start of its existence, "Mercus" had an invaluable resource at its disposal: the experience gained over the years, business contacts, activity on supply market. That resource had to be properly used while implementing the accepted strategy: diversification along with expansion into new markets and extension of contacts within the copper industry. The goal assumed has been reached: "Mercus" has become one of the biggest business entities in the region.

Due to growing market demands, our priority is the quality of the goods offered, sold wholesale and retail, exclusively from reputable, brand name producers. A regular and consistent training programme is implemented for the staff of almost 800 people, which has lead to a gradual improvement in the qualifications of the whole personnel. The technical equipment of our units does not differ from European standards and our trade mark "Mercus" has become widely recognized and associated with high quality goods.

"Mercus" is not only in trade. In the Electromechanical Plant field - at present in Sobiń and Legnica - we produce groups of wires for producers of mechanized household appliances and the automotive industry. We also produce hydraulic hoses for machines and devices used in the mining and construction industry. Production carried out by the company, is becoming more and more a significant element of its business activity and still has an increasing position in the structure of its income and the profits generated. This direction of company has an essential meaning as along with development of this activity there appears a systematic growth in the number of workplaces, which corresponds to social expectations in the region.

PHP "Mercus" sp. z o.o. provides complex services connected with the automotive industry. In 2001 the Sales and Service Centre of SEAT cars was opened in Legnica. The centre includes: - Car Showroom - Replacement Shop - warranty and post-warranty service, Station of Technical Control - registration and periodic motor vehicle inspection.

The past years of work of the whole staff have brought measurable effects. Strategic connections with KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. are still very tight; however, "Mercus" stopped being associated only with the copper industry a long time ago. Thanks to the creation of the Centre of Material Logistics, the company is an appraised supplier of materials and resources for production not only for all units of KGHM Polska Miedź and its Capital Group, but also for various business entities in the whole region. It also possesses a developed network of warehouses and retail trade units in all the bigger cities of the Legnica region. Our own Foreign Trade Office makes the company independent of other importers and enables it to import goods from almost the whole world for its clients.

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